Why Your Care Home Business Needs the Quality Care Calculator

You Must Set the Right Fees Because Your Referrers Won’t


Your referrers – your LAs and CCGs – will never set the right fees because their fee levels are based on their budget restraints and not on what you need to be able to deliver quality care and remain financially sustainable.

Only you can set the fees you need, and the Quality Care Calculator is the only tool that will ensure you do that.

Continue to allow your referrers to set fee levels, as you have for years, and your care home will eventually join others who have gone insolvent.

If you are to take back control and set the fees your business needs, then you need to know how to accurately calculate those fees.


The only way you can win any discussion on fees and receive the fees you need is to do the maths and refuse any clients for less.

By accurately calculating the fees you need, you will:

  • Know you can afford to deliver the care each person needs.
  • Know the impact on your care home if you reduce your fees.
  • Be able to better calculate the financial impact of accepting a low fee over having an empty bed.
  • Eliminate your referrers' arguments for reducing your fees because the maths doesn't lie.


Commanding the right fee is not a choice it is a necessity – the survival of your care home depends on it.

You must calculate the right fees.

The Quality Care Calculator is the only tool that will accurately set the right fees based on the individual care needs of your residents and the financial needs of your care home business.

With the Quality Care Calculator you can:

Ensure You Cover Your Costs

Know exactly how much the base cost needs to be for each resident in order to cover the running costs – your fixed and staff costs – of your care home.

Show a Clear Breakdown of Your Quote

Show a clear, accurate breakdown of your care costs and be able to show what care would need to be reduced if your referrer wants you to reduce your fee.

Create Accurate Quotes in Minutes

The running costs you enter apply to all subsequent quotes you create. Enter any extra care needed and target profit and your fee is calculated for you.

Access All Your Quotes Anytime

All of your quotes are stored safely, securely and privately in the cloud and are accessible at any time.

Return a Healthy Business Profit

Set the profit your care home needs to remain financially strong and divide into your running costs so your referrers can’t pressure you to reduce it.

Calculate the True Cost of Care

Accurately calculate the cost for all the extra care you need to provide, against the average hourly rate of your carers and nurses, so you know you can afford to deliver that care and not hope you can.

Eliminate Guesswork

No longer accept a fee hoping it will be enough to care for your client and your business. Present a fee that you know will be enough.

Create New Quotes Anywhere

The Quality Care Calculator is mobile friendly so you can review all quotes created and create new ones wherever you may be.

Hold Positive Client Reviews

Cost out increased or reduced care needs of clients so that, along with your evidence, you can clearly present the new cost of meeting their care needs.

Stay Financially Healthy

No longer guess how much it will cost to deliver the individual care a person needs and to keep your care home financially viable.

Calculate the fees you really need so you can deliver the care your clients need and stay financially strong.

The quality Care Calculator will help you set the fees you need for only £1.09 day. To eliminate all financial risk to you, in addition to our free 14-day trial, we have a, no questions asked, 30-day guarantee refund policy. So you can try the Quality Care Calculator for a full 30 days (including your free trial) with no risk. That's zero risk to try out the Quality Care Calculator and set the fees you really need.